LNG Crisis: Bangladesh govt plans to build USD 2.6 billion LNG import capacity


Notwithstanding the gas crisis, Bangladesh is all set to build liquefied natural gas (LNG) import capacity worth US $ 2.6 billion even if the country was placed 7th on the list of top 10 Asian investors.

According to media reports this has been underlined by the US-based Global Energy Monitor (GEN), which in a report released recently maintained, in Bangladesh, 15.1mpta (million tonnes per annum) of new LNG import capacity is being proposed while 9.3mtpa of LNG projects are in operation.

As per the GEN report, Pakistan precedes Bangladesh with US $ 3.6 billion worth investment in LNG import capacity development while India occupied the second position in the list with US $ 10.1 billion investment (in LNG import capacity development), followed by Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and Taiwan with investment of US $ 8.1 billion, US $ 3.5 billion, US $ 2 billion and US$ 4.7 billion investment respectively in capacity development for LNG import.

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