India’s crude oil Import increase by 53% during Apr-Nov period, Shows latest govt data


India’s crude oil imports shot up by 52.58 per cent to $146.57 billion during April-November this fiscal, data released by the Commerce ministry on Friday showed.

During the period under consideration, imports of coal and coke rose by 97.66 per cent to $37.25 billion.

Meanwhile, gold imports fell by 18.13 per cent to $27.21 billion during the eight-month period.
Electronics, chemicals, transport equipment and vegetable oil were the other items that saw double digit growth in imports during the eight months.

Vegetable oil imports went up by 16.71 per cent to $14.28 billion.

As regards exports, engineering goods (-2 per cent), cotton yarn/fabrics/made-ups (-25.79 per cent) and plastic (-9.66 per cent) recorded negative growth during the period.

Exports of petroleum rose by 58.88 per cent to $62.65 billion. Gems & jewellery exports expanded by 2 per cent to $26.45 billion.

Reacting to the new data, the govt said it was regularly monitoring the country’s performance on the export front by way of meetings with export promotion councils as well as Indian missions abroad.

Source: Commerce ministry data

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