CBIC Makes Exports From Post Office easy for MSMEs


In a bid to use India’s vast network of post offices and enable MSMEs to export to global markets using e-commerce or other regular channels, the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) has notified an automated system for postal exports as per which an exporter will not be required to visit a foreign post office and can deposit the export parcel at a nearby post office.

Currently, for exporting a parcel through the postal route, an exporter or his agent is required to file the export declaration at any of the 28 FPOs and hand over his consignment for export.

In the new system, the exporter will not be required to visit an FPO. He would be able to get the Postal Bill of Exports (PBE) online from home/office and deposit the export parcel in a nearby post office. The export parcel so deposited by the exporter will be moved by the Department of Post (DoP) to an FPO for customs clearance.

CBIC has notified the Postal Export (Electronic Declaration and Processing) Regulations, 2022, which will facilitate the processing of commercial postal exports by automating the entire procedure and seamlessly connecting the postal network to the notified Foreign Post Offices (FPOs).

CBIC has joined hands with Department of Post (DoP) to create the dedicated Postal Bill of Exports automated systems for postal exports.

“The system of export clearance will operate on a digital platform while harnessing the existing post office network spread across the country and will be amenable to being scaled up to cover small exporters/producers located in remote areas,” the CBIC added.

The regulations also prescribe for retention of records of 5 years pertaining to postal exports by the exporter or his agent.

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